The Author

Load It, Check It is a 22 year old writer from London, UK

with a keen interest in music, film and literature.

He recently graduated with a law degree

from the University of Exeter

and now works as Films Editor for Bring the Noise UK,

an article contributor for Igloo Magazine,

and a ghostwriter for LifeBook.



Contact him at

Please do not hesitate to criticise, share your views or ask questions.

Your feedback, positive and negative, is very much appreciated.

8 Responses to “The Author”
  1. majortill says:

    Thank you for your comment on my blog. I believe you are the only reader (exept me). Had a quick skim through your blog…awesome playlist!

  2. Raggedy says:

    I love your blog header. If the music is right for you — your age doesn’t matter.

  3. Furious Frank says:

    Your comment on my blog impressed me, so does your dedication to music, if you’re that dedicated to your woman, she’s one hell of a lucky lady, hahahaha. 😀

  4. Thank you for the comment. Interesting, Exeter Univeristy – rate or slate?

  5. You’re very welcome. Oh, definately rate. It gets two thumbs from me 🙂

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