Crank This Sh!t Up – Vol. 7

A selection of banging beats to wake the neighbours and frighten the cat.   Today we begin with a banging Mord Fustang remix of a massive 2011 collaboration and a dark and grimy track from original dubstepper Skream.  We have some very thick wobbles from Helsinki-based 501, a monster from Polish production team Plast!C Youth and a filthy … Continue reading

Budsmokers Only – Vol. 7

Spark up and kick back with a chronic batch of hip-hop sounds.   We start today’s volume with an innovative track from British-born storyteller Slick Rick taken from his acclaimed 1988 album The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick before a classic hip-hop number from Oakland rapper Too $hort.  We have a sweet 1994 record from rap duo Gang Starr, the … Continue reading

Special Delivery – Drive (Original Soundtrack)

An unexpected little thrill to brighten up your day.   Though set during the present day, Nicolas Winding Refn‘s super stylish crime drama Drive carries a strong 1980s vibe that is underlined by the handsome muscle cars, the trend-setting wardrobes and, most importantly of all, the retro electro-pop soundtrack.  Along with various instrumentals by American film score composer Cliff Martinez, the album (which was … Continue reading

Jack Had A Groove – Vol. 7

A selection of house tracks to keep your mouth dry and your fist pumping.   We start this seventh volume with underrated French-house producer Florian Bery and two tracks taken from his recent French Connection EP before some dynamite disco from the legendary Louis La Roche.  We have two great remixes for you, both of … Continue reading

Special Delivery – Hard Ton

An unexpected little thrill to brighten up your day.   Hard Ton is the Italian house project of Max and Mauro, a Venetian duo that melts together a raw Chicago-styled acid sound with deep electro beats and dazzling italo disco basslines.  As the producer, Mauro tends to stay in the background, while the flamboyant, oversized … Continue reading

On The Rocks – Vol. 7

A selection of cool tracks guaranteed to give you the chills.   A superb remix from gifted dubstep producer Nostalgia gets things started before moving on to a new track from Radio 1 DJing duo Jaymo & Andy George and one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever created by classically-trained musician Phaelah.  Tensnake provides … Continue reading

Special Delivery – The 2 Bears

An unexpected little thrill to brighten up your day.   London-based duo The 2 Bears is composed of Joe Goddard (of electronic band Hot Chip) and Raf Rundell.  The pair blend a whole range of musical styles, including electro, house, hip-hop, 2-step and soul, in order to create an inventive and highly original sound.  The … Continue reading

Musikwissenschaft – Vol. 5

An appreciation of some of the finest performances in musical history.   The first 2012 edition of this feature opens with a song often considered to be one of the greatest rock songs of all time.  Led Zeppelin’s Stairway To Heaven was composed by guitarist Jimmy Page and vocalist Robert Plant in 1970 while spending … Continue reading

What’s Your Name? What Have You Had? – Vol. 5

A couple of bombs for when the party peaks.   To celebrate the arrival of the New Year we have new tracks from Dutch house duo Bingo Players and Belgian DJ/producer and Lasgo member Peter Luts.  There is also some dynamic dubstep from talented Vancouver musician Hirshee that will keep you throwing shapes until 2013.   Reach For The Lasers:   Bingo Players … Continue reading

Special Delivery – Perseus

An unexpected little thrill to brighten up your day.   Russian Girlfriends is the super smooth and highly addictive EP of U.S. disco producer Perseus.  The magical EP has been released by indie label French Express totally free of charge and is a wonderful blend of soulful nu-disco, laid-back electro, deep Chicago house and stunning … Continue reading

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