Special Delivery – Aer

An unexpected little thrill to brighten up your day.


The Reach is the outstanding debut album from Aer, a Massachusetts hip-hop duo made up of David Von Mering and Carter Schultz.  Released last summer, The Reach was made entirely in the pair’s home-built studio and is a mellow blend of alternative hip-hop, acoustic and reggae.  We have included all 13 tracks from the chilled out mixtape below.  Download the album for free here and spread the love.


Aer – Another Face

Aer – Come & Go

Aer – Comin’ From A Basement

Aer – Every Day

Aer – Feel I Bring

Aer – Lights (Can You Keep It?)

Aer – Never Know (feat. Jordan Looney)

Aer – The Reach

Aer – Ride Up (feat. June)

Aer – Room To Breathe

Aer – Run Again

Aer – School

Aer – Somewhere I Been


– Load It, Check It


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