Crank This Sh!t Up – Vol. 7

A selection of banging beats to wake the neighbours and frighten the cat.


Today we begin with a banging Mord Fustang remix of a massive 2011 collaboration and a dark and grimy track from original dubstepper Skream.  We have some very thick wobbles from Helsinki-based 501, a monster from Polish production team Plast!C Youth and a filthy new release from international dubstep icon Skrillex.  Mexican producer Digital Freq is on hand with some addictive electro-house before we end the show with one of the best EDM tracks around from Trampboat, a new electronic duo hailing from the southern edge of Finland. There are also remixes from creative musical project Steed Lord, hard-hitting Belgian Modek and 18 year old Norwegian producer Omnitica.


Step To This:


Morgan Page, Sultan, Ned Shepard & BT – In The Air [Mord Fustang Remix]

Reset! – If We Try [Steed Lord Remix]

Skream – Anticipate (feat. Sam Frank)


Wobble Like A Model:


501 – Black & Blue

Dada Life – Cookies With A Smile [Plast!C Youth Remix]

Skrillex – Right In


High Voltage:


Blatta & Inesha – My Lady Don’t Mind [Modek Remix]

Casiokids – Finn Bikkjen [Omnitica Remix]

Digital Freq – Street Fighter




Trampboat – Ah!


– Load It, Check It


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