Special Delivery – Russ Chimes

An unexpected little thrill to brighten up your day.


Just over a year ago London DJ/producer Russ Chimes released his debut EP Midnight Club.  Not only did the EP contain three flawlessly funky and synth-heavy pieces of disco dynamite but with the help of SXSW award winning director Saman Keshavarz (for his Cinnamon Chasers Luv Deluxe video) the release was accompanied by a trilogy of short films that together form one complete narrative.  The tracks from the EP are very impressive but the music videos are just plain revolutionary.  Part 1 is hard to follow but will leave you feeling curious for more; the plot becomes clearer and the story starts to unfold in part 2; and by the time you have finished watching part 3 you will want to start over to see how much you missed the first time around.


Russ Chimes – Part 1: Never Look Back

Russ Chimes – Part 2: Tertre Rouge

Russ Chimes – Part 3: Targa


– Load It, Check It


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