Budsmokers Only – Vol. 1

Spark up and kick back with a chronic batch of hip-hop sounds.


The first installment of this feature kicks off with an absolute classic from King Tee as well as a track from Positive K that gave us the first recorded instance of “drop it like it’s hot” back in ’92.  Get ready for a master class in lyricism from the one and only Nas with a record taken from his hugely influential Illmatic album and then enjoy the lazy rapping style of Warren G as he unloads some groovy, melodic G-Funk on your ass.  We have one of the most iconic hip-hop tunes of all time from The Pharcyde and after listening to tales of high school heartbreak and unrequited love you will have nothing but gratitude for the refreshing and energetic sound of People Under The Stairs.  There are additional rhymes from The Beatnuts, Big L and DJ Quik as well as some more recent material from Slovenian Producer Gramatik, underground duo MellowHype and East London rapper Plan B.


Golden Oldies:


King Tee – Played Like A Piano (feat. Breeze & Ice Cube)

Positive K – Ain’t No Crime


Pass Tha’ Bud:


The Beatnuts – Do You Believe?

Big L – Flamboyant

DJ Quik – Born And Raised In Compton

Nas – Memory Lane (Sittin’ In Da Park)

Warren G – And Ya Don’t Stop


Keep It Casual:


People Under The Stairs – The Next Step II

The Pharcyde – Passin’ Me By


Beats & Rhymes From Modern Times:


Gramatik – Good Evening Mr. Hitchcock

MellowHype – CocainKeys

Plan B – What You Gonna Do?


– Load It, Check It

2 Responses to “Budsmokers Only – Vol. 1”
  1. VegasWorldInc says:

    Good stuff right here!

    • Cheers man, much appreciated. Vol. 2 is a 2Pac special and I have about 20 of his best tracks to put up. It should be published sometime over the weekend so definately have a check back next week if you are a Makaveli fan

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